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For everything there is a season!

Hers is a story of faith, encouragement, and patience—the latter difficult in a world that continually shouts, “now, hurry, and faster!” Designer/writer, Patti Stanfield, acknowledges that this website and the products she creates are the result of patience and the encouragement she receives from so many.

Some years ago, amidst a difficult personal trial, Patti’s strong faith, friends and family carried her and her sons. She remained hopeful in Matthew 10:29—not one [sparrow] of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. Her spiritual gift of encouragement to others helped her through this difficult time.

During quiet times, she wrote from experiences, the words of her cards. With photography contributed by son Clayton, Patti created her designs and illustrations. First set complete, the cards remained unpublished due to lack of funds for production. Words from her Patience card filled her mind—He knows best when the flower is ready to bloom. A long distance call from her brother and sister-in-law brought unexpected conversation of her work and the surprise of a check to cover the first printing. For everything there is a season! Younger son Evan stepped in to build beautiful custom displays for the cards. Together, the three created The Sage Sparrow—with hope that the cards and their messages would be a source of encouragement for others.

A new season has come to this family with the blessing of daughter-in-law, Sarah who has made her own contributions to The Sage Sparrow with her talents in web development. Patti and Sarah collaborated and this renovation of The Sage Sparrow website is the result. What a gift for mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to work together on such a special project!

The Sage Sparrow represents the gifts and encouragement of so many and what Patti has to give—bits of wisdom from a sparrow spared falling to the ground.

Patti resides in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, and loves gardening, Bible study, writing and just loving her children.